Yesterday, I found Gratitude.

It wasn’t in a moment. It wasn’t for a thing. It wasn’t hidden behind a favor someone did for me. I stumbled across it, unaware of it’s presence following me the world over. I tripped over it in my own backyard…down by the river with warm fall breeze in my face and a big golden sun warming my back. I found it playing hide-and-go-seek with me at the playground, crying out “can you see me?” from behind the pine trees. I saw it in the tears that fell down the cheek of a friend for words that spilled out of my heart onto the table between us and into her soul forever.

I never knew it was there before. But just like a shadow, I think Gratitude has been following me around all my life. Maybe I was afraid to see it up until now. Maybe I just didn’t recognize it when it was smackslapdab right in front of my face. But I think once you see it, it never goes away. It stays anchored to your soul like a long and lovely shadow clings to your heels at the end of warm and breezy September afternoon.



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