secret gardens

I can’t express in words how much I delight in a June Garden. Rainbow-bright colors and perfectly formed petals bring the promise of life and bounty. These photos were taken at the peak of my garden’s perfection….before the squash withered away and got eaten by some slugs and right as the Hydrangea’s were out in all their cerulean glory. But now, the sunflowers are drooping with withered petals and the Hydrangea’s are faded and brittle from their long, hot days. But I love them still – and maybe more. I love their new sage green color – faded with pride and service like my mother’s eyes at the end of her long, hard, tired life. They saw so much and cared just the same as her bright green eyes in her early days. But faded over time, they knew more. They saw more. And they served us even better with a deeper knowledge and a purer love. It’s easy to see the beauty in something pretty – with it’s obvious bright colors or meticulously manicured edges. But when something shines through at the end of it’s long life and greets you with more comfort than it’s younger, more boisterous counterpart, you just know you have found something bigger. Like a secret in your own little garden.

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