Sometimes life feels like it’s trying to suffocate you and pull you under slowly and quietly without you even knowing it’s all happening. Like a persistent vine, the thieves wrap and knot their way thickly around your base, slowly creeping up and creatively entwining around your middle parts until you are so completely engulfed, there is only a vague outline of the real You left under there. You are left struggling and fighting to breathe just to see the light of day. Like parasites, the strongest ones, feed off you and steal from your support, your balance and your life force inside.

But the hope lies in You. You are still under there, standing strong and tall and proud. It make be hard work to untie the knots and sever the ties that bind you, but the glory comes in the unraveling. The victory comes when you look back and say to yourself – I am free…once again.

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