candy colored dreams

Sometimes you happen upon the things that turn your day around. I have posted about bold and beautiful flowers, breathtaking sunsets, cold melting ice cream and the warm summer sun. But this inspiration is different. At the end of a weekend that seemed like my feet were stuck in pluff mud, I took my boy with me out of the spider web of my house to seek out a mini adventure. And we found it at The Robot Candy Company – a super cool mod candy/trinket locally-owned store that just opened it’s doors to the public on King Street in Charleston amidst the mecca of the Gaps and Banana Republics, the Williams-Sonomas and the Pottery Barns. I felt like I had walked into an illustration colored with boldly colored crayola markers where there was white space left over for thinking and doing and dreaming and wondering. I felt like…well, like a kid in a candy store. I felt free of the adult trap we put ourselves in and liberated to do something fun and silly. I felt happy. Positive. Encouraged. And I wondered, how can I make this happen everyday…How can I live less encumbered by the adult world and more freed by the spirit of the little girl inside of me who never really had the chance to come out to play? How can I become inspired to live freely and create without the boundaries of who I am supposed to be?

It’s hard to balance the person you want to free from the robot that has been programmed on the outside. But whenever I free myself from my obligations and embrace that free spirit that lives inside (I call her Little Libby), I manage to find the happiness I seek.

Time to book that trip to Paris.

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scott - how’bout some line breaks there babe.

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