A short list of things I love. In no particular order.

1. My amazing child.
2. My cozy little home.
3. Orangey, colorful sunsets
4. Juicy, drippy oranges
5. New experiences of life.
6. England
7. My tirelessly supportive family.
8. Puppies – particularly the ones that live with me.
9. Sunrises when I can wake up for them.
10. Friends…they always know when I need some kind words. They also know just when to kick my ass.
11. My bed. Really. It’s one of the best beds in the world.
12. Wine.
13. The healing powers of the beach.
14. The healing powers of yoga.
15. Travel. Anywhere and everywhere.
16. My sweet kitty cat.
17. English gardens. Organic gardens. Wild gardens.
18. Babies. Every squishy, sweet bit of them.
19. The shape of a heart.
20. Big crocks of piping hot soup on chilly winter nights.
21. The healing powers of music.
22. Sunshine on back and the wind in my face.
23. Flowers. Cut. In the ground.
24. Smells of spring.
25. Love. In all it’s glorious shapes and forms.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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