Some days you have to take a break and reconnect in person. Facetime is much better in my new world than Facebook – getting out of the house breaks me free from those hard-shelled molds of the routines I have gathered along the way for no apparent reason. Perspective comes quickly when I meet up with someone I have known forever, yet hardly know at all. Talking about myself in cliff notes and one sentence versions of each passing year – pausing to honor the difficult times and laughing through sheer joy, humor and absurdity of it all – is one of the more eye-opening lessons I have experienced recently about the overall status of my days.

But the best connections I seem to have – the ones of love and gratitude -  always happen in my life while I am summarizing things from a distant, rose-colored perspective over a steamy cups of foamy love at corner coffee shops.


Libby Williams is a documentary style photographer based out of Charleston, SC.

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