The Farm Life

I fantasize about farm life. I spend hours daydreaming about picking fresh vegetables out of a pristine garden and riding my horse to some undisclosed destination or secret corner of my farm for an evening picnic, with the echo of distant cow calls in the background. I ponder how good the lifestyle of a farm child would be for my son and how much valuable time he would have tending chickens as opposed to Rec Center soccer games every Saturday morning. Like any lifestyle, it sounds glamorous on the outside…to some.

I suppose that the farm life sounds as glorious as my life does to some people: “I am a designer and a photographer.” I croon with a bit of pride in my voice to friends and strangers alike. I carry on about how much I love everything I do and how lucky I am. And trust me – I believe it…most days.

But the truth is, it is still work. Albeit interesting work, but it’s still just work. And just like the farmers I dream about at night calling to their cattle and eating their fresh corn, they still work. And hard. And long hours. The value of what we all do can never be quite measured.

So I suppose today is the day I will say I am happy I got to visit the farm, but maybe I will leave the farming part to the professionals. And maybe I will just remember how valuable it is to have a skill that I was lucky enough not only to have nurtured, but pursued.

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Cheryl - Have you ever seen a Mary Jane Farm Magazine…
there is a place for you. LOL

photogirl - GASP!!! I haven’t heard of this! I need to bookmark ASAP! You are always looking out for me! So awesome!

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