Pulling at my heart.

Every now and again, I take a photo that makes me step back and re-evaluate my life. This is one of those photos.

Let me be clear – I know this photo isn’t technically magnificent by any means. And it’s not because it is a photograph of my child. Nor is it because he is growing up so fast it kinda makes my head spin. This photo speaks to me on another level. It tells me that life is moving faster than I can keep up, so I better step up my game – My mom game. My photography game. My business game. My life game. It tells me not to get too comfortable where I am because there will always – ALWAYS – be a curve ball thrown my way.

You see yourself in a good photo somewhere. Of course, it’s hard not to see yourself in your own child. But I see more than that here. In this one, I see all my hopes and dreams. I see all my fears and my worries. I see all the parts of my life where I am brave and where I have done a crappy job at facing a crazy world filled with a reality I am unsure of. It is everything for me a photo should be. Raw. Simple. Pure.

And pulling gently at my heart.

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