stop at nothing

Nothing can stop time or the turning of the tides. The progression of life and all it’s forces are inevitable. Life. Death. Love. Sickness. Pain. Joy. Sunrises. Sunsets. They are all part of the cycle. You cannot prevent these forces from happening, no matter how hard you try to control them. Those walls you build are fragile and will eventually entrap you as the crumble down at your feet like an unstable sandcastle at the edge of a powerfully stormy sea.

The guiding lights are there. They shine the brightest in your heart. Friends and family. Children. Silence and stillness. They are there everyday gently reminding you: Be yourself – authentically you. Stand strong and know this too shall pass. This tide will go out. Perhaps it will come back again. But next time you will know this and you will be stronger. The important things will remain standing strong in your heart. Just let the tides carry out the fears and worries. Let the water wash away the uncertainty. That’s why the change exists – to make you stronger.

Follow the light. Surround yourself with it. Stop at nothing. Eventually clarity overcomes all and the ghosts of fear and uncertainty will subside.

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Cathy McCormick - Libby … How very true. To every time there is a season. Some are lush and verdant. Some are barren and grey. They each serve a purpose. They each hold their own beauty. The seasons of our lives do make us stronger! Beautiful picture that you painted for me today. Ahhhhh

photogirl - It’s hard to remember in the middle of the storm that it is going to end and was there to teach us a lesson in the first place. I was taken to the ocean last night and couldn’t help but to remember that the push and pull of life is there for a reason.

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