Going within.

Steadying ourselves for the task at hand can be an overwhelming task. It requires us going to that place within for a few moments and quieting the mind and the noise from the outside world. It’s not an easy task, but it is something I think we learn at an early age.

I have been teaching my child to dive this summer. It’s been a long and arduous task for sure….he tends to get very frustrated with himself when he isn’t perfect at something right from the start (can’t imagine where he gets THAT from…weird). Right before he dives in, he seems to quiet himself for a moment – albeit brief. Then *POOF* he is gone. Tackling the task and swimming blissfully around in the result.

Humans have been doing this for thousands of years. Some cultures seem to favor meditation as a calming force in our lives – meditating to the sun in the morning, calming the spirit within. Much of our “modern” medical research shows that yoga and meditation is not only beneficial for the brain, it has ripple effects throughout the body – healing mind, body and spirit. So it’s only natural that we would grab moments of this through our lives – before we leap off a diving board, jump into a new job, approach an adversary or brave a Goliath task we have set for ourselves. Clearly, a calm, centered mind can conquer.

Here, my boy looks like he is bigger than the world. Bigger than the task before him. Confident. Steady. Calm. And then…

In a flash – he is gleeful and gone.

Life lessons from the diving board. (side note: I think I am going to take up yoga again.)

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