I had a dream last night.

A dream that you held me in your familiar arms and comforted me where I hurt the most. I breathed in the sweet fragrance of us that lingered on shirt and you kissed my sun-kissed, wind-blown hair that danced around my golden skin. We were young again. Free and wild and open and full. And in that space, you loved me like you did back then. As big as the mountains and trees. In that moment, I was enough.

And then, I awoke in my huge empty bed. Right next to the empty space you left in my heart. Yearning for love. Looking for that place once again.

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Amy - I’ve written this same story a thousand times, a thousand different ways. Your waking mind can’t win when your dreaming mind is set on galavanting off to distant lands and distant times in search of yesterday’s bread crumb trails.

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