Bloom, baby. Bloom.

Sometimes life feels too painful to stay closed and too painful to open myself up to the elements. So I stay stuck where I am. Half opened. Some passersby can see the power and the beauty waiting to come out, but many are too impatient to wait for the whole show. They move on to look at the next thing that is ready…Pretty. Open. Nurtured. Full. They look for the flowers that bloom where they are planted and are not afraid to show off a bit with their undulating petals and their hypnotizing fragrance. Those flowers are a magical force of nature to me.

I am drawn to the life forces which push me out of my envelope and force me to open, becoming someone I didn’t think I was capable of. I look for it in relationships, people, work. I seek it out like water to a thirsty desert traveler. I know I need more than myself to become what I am capable of inside. I am afraid of being judged by those chewed up, imperfect outer petals to show what is inside – perfect folds of almost unnatural beauty.

Maybe some blooms just need a little gentle, nourishing encouragement. Someone outside saying “Bloom, baby. Bloom. I know you can.”


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