Feeding the soul

Personal projects are as important to me as personal care and self-preservation. It’s so easy to put things off, but even the littlest bit of care can go a long way. The voices in your head that scream about tasks that need attention, the work I have to do and chores that need immediacy are noisy in my head. “I’ll do that fun thing tomorrow…next time…next week…” Before you know it, time has devoured you and your inspiration.

A few weeks ago, the local Farmer’s Market opened back up. I don’t frequent it enough, but my household had all woken up particularly early last Saturday morning and there was little in the my home in terms of breakfast items. I also had a busy 10-hour shoot ahead of me that afternoon and wanted nothing more than to spend a little quality time with my child, so I marched around the house turning off all screens and beckoning him to brush teeth and throw on some clothes and away we went – just the two of us. We were on a mission. It felt like an adventure as we never really leave the house early on the weekends. It’s hard to make it a priority. There is too much racing around during the week for me to be bothered rushing around on the weekends, too. I often like to linger around on Saturdays wandering aimlessly through the day and falling into whatever crosses my path. But I knew this was my only chance to A) feed my people and B) spend time with my son before my long day.

We foraged through the market, wandering from booth to booth looking for the perfect bounty for a lovely, homemade breakfast. First on the list was farm fresh eggs – a farmers market mission for me that particular morning. Next we sought out some brioche bread that was made that very morning – still a little warm from the oven only hours before. Next, we stumbled into a strawberry stand with the reddest and juiciest strawberries I had ever seen in my life. They were far too good to pass by without grabbing a pint…or two. We wandered on, passing by the pickles, relishes and meats to find a picture perfect bunch of fresh radishes to go with our warm, delicious bread. Finally, it was a quick detour to the lemonade stand we frequent for some fresh squeezed lemonade. Mission accomplished. Time to cook!

I wasn’t intending for this to happen, but in the instance of taking special time to care for myself and those around me, I became incredibly inspired. Unpacking this beautiful food made me want to do nothing more than pull my camera out. I wanted to preserve everything about it…the memory of the day, the colors, the gratitude. In a moment, the bread would be crumbs and shells would be cracked in the sink. The strawberries would be beheaded and eaten and the radishes topped and quartered. But in that moment and the filtered light coming through my dining room window, I had to chance to be inspired and do something I wanted to do instead of putting it off for another day. The opportunity to nourish my spirit to get through the day seemed equally as important as nourishment for my body to make it through the same tasks.

This personal project became so much more than honing my camera skills and getting more experience. It was about nourishment  – for me, for my child, for my creativity. It was all about feeding that hungry soul that I so often let fall by the wayside of life.

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