lost in the woods

On days like this in the thick, syrupy heat of a Charleston summer (ALREADY!), I dream of the getting lost in the woods far away from here. I want to follow a trail along the cool, clear waters until I feel lost and my legs ache from walking so far. I want to sit on a mossy-covered rock in the quiet stillness listening to birds sing their happy songs while the intoxicating fragrance of the fresh, musky forest rises up around me. I want to lose myself in existential and transcendental thought like Thoreau while I experience real solitude, finding the grace and kindness I deserve but never seem to give myself.

The woods calls me with her refreshing and cool ways. I can’t seem to get enough when I am inside the embrace of her natural kindness and gentle arms. I feel comforted by the stillness of the trees and the gentle movement of the water. I feel at peace by the thoughts of being alone with myself, all the while seeking balance and wholeness. In the stillness, I am alive and well, recharged and ready to face it all again.

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linda obrien - Love your photos. I am your biggest fan and want to buy a few pieces for the NY/beach house. Missed you for our week at the ranch. Let’s talk soon. XO, LOB

photogirl - Yayyy! A fan! I knew I had one somewhere. :) I am sad I wasn’t at the ranch this year. Next time!

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