My cure

A little backstory…

I have the most amazing 10 year-old niece. She has more talent in her little finger than 3 of me would have combined. She is smart, naturally creative and intensely curious. When she comes to my house, I often find things I didn’t know I owned scattered around the house on various surfaces – old broken jewelry, miscellaneous keys, treasured tiny boxes, little lockets of my child’s newborn hair. They surface like little gifts left to me for reasons only fairies know. She is into everything. And for this I am grateful. Otherwise, these memories I hold onto would be lost in some abyss of my mind and may never see the light of day.

A few days ago, she came over. This is how it went:

Her: Auntie Libby – what is this? (Shows me the little box in the photo above with the inscription: my cure for everything)

Me: Oh…it’s a pill box. Something I bought for a friend and never gave to them.

Her: Why? It’s so… neat?

Me: I dunno. Too lazy or forgetful I guess.

Her: What do you keep in it?

Me: Nothing really. You are supposed to keep your pills in their…ya know…your stash. (tee hee)

Her Mother: LIBBY!!!

Me: Whatever…she watches Two and a Half Men! She can handle it.

Her: Well, I put something in it for you…open it.

Me: My cure for everything…love. Oh…wow.


This one…she’s gonna do something great. I can feel it on my bones.

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