Breathe in


Last night, I went down to the beach for the evening. It was an unusually beautiful summer night in here… I was almost chilly sitting in my chair watching as the sky shifted into magical shades of blues and greens and golden orange hues with my people frolicking gently in the waves underneath.

I started thinking…my mind wandering as aimlessly as a butterfly on a sunny day. It went from topic to topic covering many anxieties thoughts and dreams. It all came up like an ocean tide trying to suck me under with a powerful force and unyielding pressure.

Suddenly I looked up at the swirling blue sky and realized that in this very moment, my life was good. In fact, my life in that very moment was great. And I was fine just as I was – perfectly imperfect. I closed my eyes and breathed in the cool, sea air and listened as the salty waves lapped against the shore and gently dissolved the worries and thoughts into itself and far, far away from me.

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Cathy McCormick - What a gift of stillness and perfection the ocean brings us! I find a stillness there that is impossible to find any other place or time.

Ah…thank you for sharing that beautiful moment in time!

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