Saving grace

Above photo is from our Vermont Trip, 2012

Each year, the boys and I escape the stagnant South Carolina heat and run away to the mountains of Vermont for a few glorious days. We unplug the iphones, leave behind the wireless connections and load up on books, Green Mountain Coffee, wilderness walks, fishing, country farms and loads and loads of games.

This trip is something I look forward to now every year. I need it like I need the air I breathe. I need to remember what it’s like to listen to the sounds of the bluebirds and the buzzing of the bees instead of the gentle hum of the air conditioner and the blue light from my computer monitor. I need the time so I can teach my son new card games instead of approving the latest App download onto the family iPad. Mostly, I need the time to see things differently, refresh my craft and recharge my heart.

These inspirations become my saving grace under the pressures of the year ahead and the year I left behind. Slowly and quietly, I become new again. I become reborn in the mountain air – sunshine on my shoulders and cool air in my lungs.

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linda obrien - Check the diary but I think this is the 100th Anniversary! Wish we were there with y’all. Hope the fish are biting and mosquitoes aren’t.

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