Life changing

Life doesn’t change instantly in the big moments. It transforms quietly over time in the intimate moments that make you remember what it is that you really, truly, deeply love. It changes, lying gently behind the moments that you breathe into. Slowly, you become defined by a culmination of events rather than a simple or grand moment in time.

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Cathy McCormick - Libby — THANK YOU FOR THIS! Being somewhere in the process of “life change”, I very, very much appreciated both the pictures and the statement. You speak the truth, my friend. Thank you sooooo much!

Rowan - That’s me! My life is a culmination of events. And I’m in those photos! Xxx

photogirl - It IS you in those photos. And I love you for it! So many moments to treasure that I will never forget. Seems a million miles away right now.

photogirl - Love you Cathy! Change is good.

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