Highway of possibility.

We are all looking for direction. Some people find it in their heart, forging ahead through the underbrush of life. Others need solid proof that they are traveling in the right direction. They need a clearly defined path, mapped out by the many who traveled these bumpy, new roads before them with the guarantee they’ll get there – on time and in the right spot.

In the end, we all get there in our own time and with the same results. We all arrive safely at the same spot. Some just arrive a little more tattered and tired, worn and used. But behind them lies the satisfaction of a new path that they have left for others to follow and learn from. Behind them lies a road of accomplishment that leads to the highway of endless possibilities.

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Cathy McCormick - The point of “going” is always the journey. Going from A To B without some adventure, some surprise, some detour, just is not as much fun!

Cathy McCormick - The whole point of traveling from A To B is to experience the journey — trip without an adventure, a surprise, an delightful detour is just NOT as much fun!

scott - Wow! that guys is a LOOSER.

scott - wow! that guy was is a LOOSER

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