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Sasha, our resident master at the arduous task of rest.

Fall is a busy time around here. Extremely busy. And now with the shorter days, it seems like I can’t cram as much into the measley 24 hours I am allotted each day.

One thing we can’t sacrifice around here though is rest. I am a huge proponent of balancing good, hard work with a little well-earned down time. It comes in the form of movie watching, book reading, game playing, lego building and often just plain old laying around.

I admit, I am not the best at it. My mind wanders at every chime I hear from my incoming emails and every glance at the ever-growing laundry pile on my dining room table. I always feel the great pull of tasks. But I am reminded every time I let go and relax just how much I needed that mini vacation from my to-do list…reminded that nothing is ever quite as significant as a little R&R.

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Cathy McCormick - Great reminder of the need for BALANCE in our lives. It is in the moments of repose and stillness that we are able to see the greater purposes in our lives and to receive the flow of healing energy that enables us to continue to “do”.

scott - S.Dog! Our heroine!

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