This Great Life

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This Great Life we are all living starts so simply at first. Basic needs are all that need to be met. Warm clothes. Soft blankets. A meal. Shelter. Love and kindness. I think if we stripped down to the basics, this is all we would really need.Yet somehow, along the path we seem to accumulate these things that will fill our souls. New cars and shiny gadgets all become necessities rather than essentials. Christmas lists grow with luxury items. We somehow overlook the essentials now as a basic human right, quickly forgetting to be grateful for the small things like clean water, warm food and shelter.

Honestly, there is so much to be grateful for everyday. I can’t imagine where the list would stop and start. So, on the eve of the day of gratitude, I think I will be simply thankful for This Great Life and every little and big thing that’s inside of it.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.

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