frozen hydrangea

Some days the world feels frozen. As if time is standing still. The sun never shines and the clouds never part. And feels as though life couldn’t possibly change at all. The days are simply frozen in time – with shades of brown and grey, cold and dreary, long and lonely.

But spring is always around the corner. As predictably unpredictable as a fickle lover, it waits until you think there will never be another sunny day or warm breeze to comfort your cold bones. And then waltzes in, surprising you with it’s immediate charm and wit. It runs back and forth, teasing you with warm days and cool nights and bursts of color outside your window.

But somehow, you always miss the predictably quiet and still days that seemed never to end. Because in those days, there is always a warm fire and a comforting embrace to return never far from reach.

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