Spread the love.

Today is Valentine’s Day. This day is not a day for lovers. It’s not the day for grocery store flowers or boxed candy or candlelight dinners or Hallmark cards. It’s not the time for canned romance and package deal getaways. It’s time to get real. It’s time to get our hands dirty and faces gritty with the sweat of what real Love is about. Because today belongs to Love.

Today belongs to thoughtfulness and hugs. It belongs to meaningful friendships and heartfelt joy.┬áThis day belongs to all the moments you cried over Love and Loss and Pain. It belongs to smiles and phone calls from old friends. It belongs to the little moments of gratitude for getting out there and enjoying what we have. So bake some cookies, get out the glitter, pick up a bag of candy kisses, and arm yourself with a smile and go out and spread some love around the world for everyone to enjoy. Don’t stop at anything. And don’t leave out anyone. For today belongs to Love.




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