charleston farm share

If you follow me on instagram or twitter these days, you know I am pretty much obsessed with my farm share from Compost in my Shoe. I have always been a fan of fresh veggies, but this year I have turned some invisible life corner and found and obsession with things like rainbow chard, full grown spinach (not that pre-bagged baby stuff!), and lemon thyme. The varieties that our local farmers can grow here in Charleston is simply abundant. And this time of year, everything seems to taste more glorious than you ever imagined…all the flavors and textures combine to create such a rich basis for clean, simple, good, fresh meals.

So here’s to healthy abundance. And a life well lived. Here’s to nothing wasted and everything cherished. Here’s to the people that dedicate themselves to the simplicity and complexity of farming. Eat where you live. And alwaysalways #knowyourfarmer!

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