A window seat

I am fascinated with the world from above. I love to take the window seat on an airplane and press my head up against the layered glass while keeping my sights on the horizon. The quick shifts in altitude can be jarring while navigating the skies, but the end result is always worth the magnificent view. From up there in the air, things look peaceful and pretty. Calm and serene. Way up in the clear blue skies, the land looks like a jigsaw puzzle, scattered across with greens and blues and tans and browns, waiting eagerly to be put back together. Boats make pretty little white lines against their cerulean blue canvases in the water and the smooth coastline looks inviting and summery, no matter the season.

Maybe a little distance is all we ever need from a situation to see the simple beauty it holds. Despite the shift in altitude (and the subsequent drop in my stomach’s fortitude), I am always reminded that a change in perspective can alter my view of reality so quickly. The further I get from the picture, the more I seem to understand what it looks like – lines become more defined while the edges soften a bit. The peaks and valleys of the landscape of our hardships seem to level out a little more when you get some distance. Suddenly, nothing seems like it did when I was right up on it with blurry vision from too many years of examining everything much too closely.

Those confusing little details life faces you with head on are not nearly as significant from up above. Struggle slips away as fast as water through your fingers. You can no longer hold on to the picture you have in your head. And nothing seems as hard or bad from the perspective shift brought to you from your window seat.

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