Right up front, I am going to admit it… I am borrowing this “#weekend10″ idea from another amazing photographer (check her out here), but only because I think it’s inspired, fresh and fun. Mostly though, it fits in with what I really need right now. I am excited to have a new personal focus and challenge over the next few months as a photographer.

Maile said on her blog that started this as a source of creative inspiration since she didn’t seem to be taking as many photos of her family as she would like to be. It’s hard to pick the camera back up sometimes after you have been shooting for a week straight. The last thing you want to do is take photos of unwilling subjects. And on the weekends, I usually look forward to experiencing more real time with my family and friends and less camera time. You just tend to miss out on a few things when you are concentrating on shutter speed, ISO and composition. You forget to embrace the actual moment in front of you. So there has to be a balance. But to be truthful, some of my most favorite images have come from those moments that I just picked up the camera and clicked away at a scene even when I didn’t want to.

Thankfully, one of my favorite cameras to shoot with is handy one attached right to my iPhone. I find myself shooting more and more with it these days (so much that I need to free up some memory). It’s with me. It’s super portable.  It’s small. And it’s light. I am not going to lie – I don’t love lugging my big DSLR down to the beach all the time, risking getting sand in the body or scratching up my $1500 lens. And since my main camera is in the repair shop right now (sniff sniff), I am even more likely to hop in the car, iPhone in hand, feeling prepared for anything.

I have in a bit of a creative rut lately. I don’t know if it’s the fast pace of spring’s eternal chaotic energy or my personal life catching up with me a little, but I honestly needed a little something new to work on over the course of the summer. I want to remember why I came back to photography in the first place. I want to remember why I love doing this job so much.

Anyhow, enjoy the journey with me. And I hope you all will start the same thing. Post your links to my Facebook page. Or send me a link to yours in the comments here. Let’s have some fun! Happy snapping!

Now…here are my #weekend10 from this weekend. I hope you love them as much as I do!




A rare beach walk with Bella on Friday Morning. The water at Folly has been unusually tropical. I had to see it for myself. Bella said she wanted to be a part of that too!  (iPhone Photo)

A morning walk around my yard and a few intimate happy moments with the garden project.

Cooking up the contents of my farm share from Compost in my Shoe. Mmmmmmm….(iPhone Photo)

Beet, leek and feta pizza – FTW!

Morning picnic at Folly. Also fairly rare.

We chatted about the strange blue water, nerf guns, sea turtles, video games, music and the 60 dolphin we saw swim by. No kidding.

Wine, cause… you know…it’s me.

Sunday night homework. Because we were low key this weekend and won’t be this week!

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