#weekend10 – week 3

Wow. This was harder than I thought it would be over this busy weekend. You see, I have been on a 5 day shooting bender (Trust me when I say this…I am not complaining. I am extremely grateful for the work). In the midst of these busy weeks of hauling gear in and out of the car and repacking bags 2 times a day, the last thing I usually want to do is pick up my camera again. It feels like tight underwear after a while. Something you need to detach from immediately. Plus, there is an overall lack of time I seem to have right now as I edit jobs, shoot, slip in some design work, end the school year and gear up for an amazing summer vacation trip next week! (Uno mas margarita, por favor.)

At any rate – here they are…my #weekend10. What did you do this weekend? I would love to hear from you.

Can someone hit the pause button on these quiet evenings at home for me please? Thanks!A sweet gift from a client in honor of my sweet sister who I lost a about a month ago.I think I consumed about a gallon of these. Summer picnic with friends. (iPhone photo)These blue eyes…they slay me!Supermom Caitlin…she is my hero!A little shopping. A little art scavenger hunt with my guy. It’s officially summer. (iPhone photo)Grow little babies…grow! (iPhone photo)


What you can’t see: Work. Work. More work. Some quiet time with my bestie. A little spring cleaning. A visit with my sister. A happy homecoming. Sleepovers. Champagne. Zzzquil (cause a girl has to sleep eventually). The windiest beach I ever did shoot a photo on. Lots and lots of tea (to balance the champagne and Zzzquil). Clean doggie. And my ever growing garden!

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Julie Buchanan - Fantastic shots! Libby, you got me in on the action, too. I could only manage 6 since I had a busy weekend too. Even though it’s just a hobby, and I’m no pro…here’s my #weekend6. :)

photogirl - This is awesome! I love these photos and am so excited you are doing it! Keep it up!

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