What if love is the answer?

What if love is the answer?

I have experienced love on all levels…even the opposite of love. I believe it’s why we are here. I believe it is the answer. We learn through love. Love gets you through the hard times. Love gives you hope. Love makes the hurt less hurtful and the joy more joyful. Love is acceptance. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is considerate of your time. Love believes in you. It forgives you when you forget the milk at the store and even offers to get it for you. Love looks inside you, not at you. And it holds your hand while you walk through fire and catches you when you slip and fall. Love is a cushion for the blows life gives you.

Over the next 40 years of my life, I look forward to finding more love – lurking in the corners of my well-worn little heart.

PS – I snapped this picture at my friend Robbin’s house. I love her. It’s true. She is a true pioneer of love. A believer and a doer.

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scott - I love this photo! I love you!

(…btu i dont’ love the page load… your images aren’t optimized for the web. this is a 1.7 mb image. and is causing the page to load veeeeerrrrrrryyyyyy slow. there maybe a setting in wordpress for this …but you should “save for web” in photoshop and it will give you options on high quality yet smaller file sizes. )

photogirl - love you too! Thanks for the tips and the props!

The Crown - Love is the answer for sure! Not just to love one person, but to love the world and everyone in it. Its never letting it go that’s the hard part, and never feeling anger, sadness, hate or any of the bad feelings again. Once you can do that, you have mastered self control and enlightenment will be yours. Big love to you :)

Fleur - Love to share this image and quote on Facebook can I share.?

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