simple summers

This is all I want for summertime. Slipping and sliding in the backyard. Icy popsicles melting in your hands. Sidewalk chalk. Bubbles. Drippy, juicy watermelon and peaches. Late nights and lightening bugs. Baseball and boiled peanuts. Green grass. Homemade ice cream and homegrown tomatoes. Salty lips and sandy feet.

All I look for is a simple summer with the long days that we yearn for all year long. I don’t understand when summer got so complicated with all it’s camps and schedules and agendas. It’s like we can’t remember anymore how to slow down and relax into an easier pace and a softer rhythm. It seems like somewhere along the way, we forgot that summer is for recharging and reconnecting with family, with friends…with the simple pleasure of having fun.

So thanks again, Summer, for your gentle reminders of how life is meant to be enjoyed….simply, sweetly and softly.


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