#weekend10 – Asheville.

Oh friends…this was a weekend for the books. We seem to be creating a super summer around these parts. First Mexico (read about that here and here). Then, it was Asheville for a spell this weekend. And now we are back to Charleston for the 4th of July. I couldn’t be having a better summer if I planned it. And all good material for this little project. Score!

What did you do? Chill out at home watching reruns of Fraiser?(I’d be jealous!) Travel? Visit with family? Or work? (I squeezed in a little of that too.) Here is our weekend. Enjoy.After a morning photoshoot with some of my new favorite people, we took a little trip to the Farmers Market in Asheville for some inspired dinner ingredients...…and breakfast ingredients, too!

Buy local.

A trip to the ice cream shop. Salted caramel for the win! (Taken with my trusty iPhone.)

This neighborhood garden made me stop the car, get out and take a photo.

A Sunday trip to Sliding Rock and Looking Glass Falls. Look at my boys shooting down the rock. And yes, even I did it. But no, you may not see those photos. (Taken with my trusty iPhone.)

Where in the world is Graham?Our foggy drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway.The tunnels are my favorite part.

Fireflies at night. A right of passage.

We even flexed our muscles at a little game of Corn Hole! 


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