Hi friends.

As you may already know, I have launched a long overdue new website with a bit of a new direction. It showcases the work I am best at as well as the where I am moving with my photography career. This feels right to me and has been a long time coming.

As some of you know that know me so well, I have always been a little afraid of doing what I want. I was forever asking for permission and approval from friends, family, strangers, mentors and even my poor child. The pain of too many “no” responses in my life felt larger than I could carry around anymore and I just wanted someone to tell me it was okay. What I learned is that it is okay. It’s always okay because it’s your life and you can live it how you want. Make mistakes. Revisit the plan. And try again. We might fall or we might fly, but we can always get up and try again. I tell my son everyday “Nobody lived a life in fear.” So here I go. Wish me luck as I jump into these unfamiliar waters.

Along with my awesome new site (!), is a blog that is attached to it. I am going to continue my writing and photography over there from here on, so if you want to join me over there and not miss out on all the fun and love, check it out! The blog will remain much of the same as it has been. Just parked in a new location.

I hope you will come along! I am excited for this new adventure I am on. And have many exciting announcements and events to come! Check it out!

And thanks for your continued support!


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