I had this dream once – that I was totally and completely in love. With eyes so blue, I was mesmerized for days on end and skin so sweet it smelled of cotton candy and love.

In my dream I had never been so calm or so happy, and my world had never been so right or so beautiful. I was filled with love so peaceful, I could linger forever in the sunshine of your hair and the glorious melodies of your giggles – chasing, darting, scurrying around me like fireflies in the dusk of the night.

I mourned the passing of each day which seemed to dissolve like Christmas to a 6 year-old. I felt these moments and memories were going to be burned forever – buried behind phone numbers I had to remember, appointments I needed to make, tasks I needed to accomplish and the passing of relentless time.

But with the opening of each new day, I found another gift…A new adventure. A new song in your laughter. Another dream to share. And with each day I found a new person even better than I could have ever imagined meeting the day before – someone more interesting and funnier than I could ever hope to love in this – the wildest of dreams ever.

So today I awoke to find that this dream was nothing more than the reality I lived every day of my life since I felt you and will continue to live the rest of my humbled days. And I couldn’t be happier to know anything than I am knowing you. For you are the dream I have looked for my whole life.

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Julie Adolf - Beautiful, Libby. Love, love this.

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