Curiouser and curiouser.

“When you are curious, you find lots of things to do.” Walt Disney

I love curiosity. It is one of the gifts that we are given as children and somehow forget along the way to adulthood. We learn to do as we are told and not question it. Of course there are exceptions to this and people who never cease to wonder (or sometimes grow up). But so many people do what they are told to do instead of looking deeper.

I snapped this photo of a friend’s daughter on the beach last weekend. She was like a kid in a candy store…looking under seashells, darting in between the waves and questioning everything she saw on that beautiful fall day as the grown ups stood still speaking about life and work and what we all had coming up in our overly busy lives. I personally was fascinated with her energy and zest for life. At 3, everything is new and fresh and glorious and magical. But at 40, shouldn’t we feel that way too? I don’t want to be jaded by what I already know, but driven by what I have yet to discover. I am okay having knowledge as a part of my arsenal of tools to grow from, but I just want to spend my days looking under those seashells to find the answers I haven’t discovered yet.

I could lose my days in the hidden corners that curiosity hides from this grown up life.

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Julie Adolf - Lovely, Libby…adorable little punkin, love the light…and love the theme. It’s funny, because I think once I reached this age, I’m more eager to try new and interesting things…and continue learning. Today, a little package arrived–filled with ginseng roots and seeds. Seriously hard stuff to grow–but I’m up to the challenge and can’t wait to see what happens!

Love your writing, thoughts, and images! XOXO

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