There is something about a child at bath time that makes me long for my youth again. There is an innocence about being naked and floating around in the tub for an hour or more that seems to make my old, self-conscious soul yearn for days when body image was never an issue – days when I never gave a second thought to my thunder thighs or flabby, overly-fed stomach. Kids seem to have no thoughts of modesty and humility when it comes to a bath. To them, it’s more about the feeling – warm, relaxed, blissfully unaware of anything but the bubbles melting away around their feet.

I took these pictures last night. My boy doesn’t really take a bath any more. He is “too old for that.” But with a few broken toes, he has no other choice for cleaning options. A bath is his last stop between here and smelling like a truck stop men’s room.

I couldn’t be happier at the respite from our typical shower-book-bedtime ritual. A relaxing, time-stopping, mind modifying bath was just what the (foot and body image) doctor ordered. I think it’s my turn next!

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