Today, I revisited some old photos for submission to a local blog that features family, wedding and portrait photographers. And I am so glad I did. In this activity,  I happened to uncover some lost images from a recent shoot. Not lost for good, but lost in my heart and my mind. Buried. Pushed aside. One of these photos was passed over as nothing. The other remained untouched and unrated in Aperture. They were both in the discard pile and for the life of me I can’t understand why. They were buried deep in the bowels of my computer. I guess I passed them over because I was trying to look at the shots through my client’s eye, miserably attempting to read their mind and give them what they wanted – when all I ever really need to remember is to follow my instincts and give them what I know is right.

I believe that sometimes revisiting an old issue with fresh eyes is just what you need to grow. Because digging deeper usually builds stronger roots, making way for new growth spurts.

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