speaking volumes

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” Leonardo daVinci

This week I have been on a commercial shoot for my awesome friends over at Brains on Fire (brainsonfire.com). One of the locations of our shoot took us into the guts of a transmission shop – where people work everyday and long hours with their hands deep in the bowels of sick and broken cars. It was gritty in there – floor covered in grease, machine parts everywhere and a light haze of smoke in the air. It was a dream for me. I could have stayed for hours taking pictures of the scene just documenting a day and a side of life I never get to see like the deeply bruised colors on the floor, the filthy break room we signed papers in or the grease-covered hands of the artists that work everyday on their own special craft.

If I could be marked in the grease of my passion everyday, it would look like this. These hands look like what I imagine any hands could look like after an artisan has worked countless hours on a project. Grimy. Dirty. Caked with the medium of their art. They tell a story deeper than an afternoon in a transmission shop. They speak volumes – with no words, no face, no emotion.

Just the true grit of a passion, love and skills.

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