this is not your usual photoblog

I took the photograph above at a wedding I shot a few weeks ago. It’s not the bride. It’s not the groom. It’s not even anyone in the wedding party…all of whom I have some fantastic shots of. And it’s not a particularly great photograph – technically speaking. But she sucked me in. I watched from the other side of the room as she did her thing on the dance floor…everyone else drinking and talking and saying their goodbyes. She was the last person standing and held me captive through  the end of the night. I was mesmerized.

This picture has got me thinking a lot about the difference between photographs and pictures. They sound similar -  a visual document of a moment in time. A record of sorts. To me though, they are completely different. A picture is a snapshot…anyone can take a picture. But a photograph is different. It changes how the viewer thinks and feels. It places the viewer smack in the center of the connection between the photographer and the subject. And a good photograph can transport you to the moment in time that the photo was taken so that you can almost experience it yourself….so that you feel the picture.

Lots of people have photoblogs. Some tell stories. Others highlight their amazing work. But despite some of those great skills, sometimes you walk away from their photographs feeling empty and disconnected. You scroll through the pictures looking at them thinking to yourself “This is just another wedding. Just another baby. Just another family portrait.” You haven’t connected to it.

I never intended to have a blog that left you feeling empty. I always wanted the viewer to feel something in the scenes I shoot. I wanted them to connect with the moment the way I did. You can go to flickr and facebook and my website to see stuff that I shoot day in and day out. You can check out my website and look at the quality of my work. But my blog isn’t about that. It’s about the connection between me and you and the images here. It’s about passion. It’s a sneak peak into my heart.

A good photograph shows so much and so little at the same time, leaving behind the light, lingering scent of a fleeting moment in time. And hopefully – instantly -  your heart is stamped with the memory. And suddenly, you are transformed forever.

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