Looking beyond the fog.

Yesterday was a lesson in “Things Don’t Always Go As Planned.”

Photographers are renowned light chasers…looking for the changes of light in the passing seasons, days, hours, minutes, and even seconds. I woke up early yesterday morning this dense, heavy, opaque blanket of fog. And since I have never shot in the fog, I thought it was the fitting time for something new.

I drove around for a few minutes looking for the right subject matter. I knew I was racing the clock a little (fog is so coquettish…here one minute and gone the next). I found my location a few minutes into my excursion: an old Charleston plantation, complete with slave houses, majestic oaks dripping with Spanish moss and an old overgrown farming field.  I couldn’t imagine anything better than this remarkable setting wrapped in a blanket of fog. It conjured up images of the area’s storied past – mysterious, heavy, sad, looming.

In my anxious anticipation of this amazing scene waiting to be shot, I went to park my car across the street in a local bank parking lot and before I knew it – WHAM!!! BOOM!!! I misjudged where the curb ended and the lot began and hit head first into a blown out tire. Gone were all plans of clicking the shutter on this misty morning.

As I stood there – deflated tire and an ego to match it – I figured there was little I could do without some assistance (I am no pro when it comes to changing tires). But instead of standing there waiting for help like Scarlet, I decided to go for it and set out to do what I came for in the first place. After all, what did I have to lose? As I snapped through the scene in front of me, I noticed something – what was mystical and magical in my mind was coming out flat and grey and uninspired in the camera. It just wasn’t working. I took a walk up the long, tree-lined path and became less and less inspired with every step. I was ready to give up, until I saw this – this grass, heavy with the dew of the morning. It was the most interesting thing I had seen all morning. And although I only snapped two shots of this dew-soaked grass, I knew I had found what I was came for.

Sometimes (or often if you are me), life has a different road map for you than what you had originally penned in for yourself. And sometimes you just need to go with that plan. Stop fighting it. Look behind the corners and in the cracks. There are always messages awaiting our discovery and new discoveries hoping to be found.

You just have to look beyond the fog.

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Kelley Poe - haaaahahahahaha….yea, I know the purpose of this blog is to reach the vast struggle that is the Photogs battle with light and subject imigery….BUT DAMMIT…..I can’t get that picture of you blowing a tire out of my mind…..I am laughing so hard I think I just pee’d a little…Hope all is well Chica…

photogirl - Ha! yes – it was quite the comedy of errors! On a silent and foggy Sunday Morning. I think I woke up the birds!!!

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