Seedlings in Springtime

I wish I could bottle the hope and energy of Spring’s seedlings to last me through the cold, dark nights of Winter or pull me through those sultry, long days of a fickle Summer. These little green plants beckon me to believe in something other than bills, carpool or guitar lessons. The possibility of  a tiny seed stretching itself towards the sky, arms reaching for opportunities and ignoring all obstacles in their way. Their mission is simple and their needs are minimal – a little love and sun and soil and water are all they desire for a life lived with purpose.

These plants give me hope. They teach me. Reaching their tiny hands to me,  motioning for me to join them on their short journey of a life devoted to nothing but living.

Through them, I feel the power of life – moving forward. And they softly remind me to learn from the past without forgetting to live for today.

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