On falling in love.

What have you fallen in love with? Did you fall in love with your partner over coffee at 7:38 AM one Saturday morning when the world was gently rising? Did you fall in love with a meal, complete with flavors and textures that teased your taste buds into a permanent state of lust? Or did you fall passionately for your new little baby, with smells of warmed milk and skin as soft as freshly bloomed rose petals?

Me? I love lots of things. Passionately. I love my beautiful, kind, thoughtful little boy who doesn’t know the magic he possesses in his bright smile or bouncy, giggly little laughs. I love my cozy little green home with it’s comforting, warm embrace. I love my thoughtful family that keeps me close while letting spread my wings. I love my crazyfun friends who keep me in their lives me despite my missteps and shortcomings. I have much to love. And much to be grateful for.

But right now, for the first time in many, many years I have a new love. It is a love you feel when you are sure you want to spend the rest of your life with something. I am  in love with what I wake up every day and get to call my job. Every time I walk out the door with my camera in hand, I feel like I am getting ready to give someone the best gift I possibly could. Every little picture feels like a personal present being given with purpose and meaning and thought and love…all tied up with a shiny red bow. And that gives my life more direction than I ever thought possible. It is my therapy. It fills me up and challenges me. And it fits right in with where I am meant to be at this moment…in this place…at this time.

Falling in love is easy. Staying in love is work. I am ready for the challenge. But no matter what the outcome this time,  I am glad I have found passion in the corners of my broken and tired little heart once again.

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Julie - With all of the late hours, crazy spring-induced rush for plants, my attention starved Mikey asked yesterday:

“What’s so special about your work, anyway?”

Huh. At first, being overly sleep deprived, having maternal guilt for neglecting my human sprouts, I couldn’t answer.

Now, I’m going to steal your words above and explain to him how wonderful it is to work at what you love.

Thanks, Libby.

courtney Cordell - What a beautiful way to love. I feel it in my soul.

Riis Larsen - This is a truly wonderful and beautiful way to look at life. I appreciate this insight into how to find your higher purpose. This is a philosophy I will use in my personal life, and also in business. At Larsen Auto Care, the “gift” we deliver to people is a sound state of mind that they are safe on the road, and that they are getting the straight facts. We give people peace of mind about their cars. I like that. Thank you for helping guide this discovery. Your words are wise, indeed.

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