dizzy with joy

I love to watch people dance. It is simply joyful.

Maybe it is the pureness of it that I love. Maybe it is because nothing seems to matter but the rhythm you feel as your body floats carelessly, recklessly and wildly through stanzas of notes and rhythms like the ocean tides driven by the force of the moon.  It is an expression of pure, uninhibited joy and freedom of all that binds us.

It makes me wonder why we don’t dance through life with music coursing through our veins everyday. Why do we wait for the music in our ears instead of letting the music in our hearts guide us to where we were meant to be rather than where the world tells us we should be? I just can’t help but think that the world would so much better if we just danced to the beat of the little drum that our soul wants to hear.

I want to dance my way into tomorrow and see where my heart lands, spinning wildly and collapsing from the exhaustion that only pure happiness can give…and land on my feet, dizzy with joy.

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courtney Cordell - I want to dance and now!!!

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