I want to believe in Love. True, passionate, believable, forever Love. The kind of Love where you know you can’t live without the other person. The kind of commitment that is eternal. The kind of passion that renders the brain powerless.

Often Love starts as something as magical as William and Kate’s fairytale romance we all witnessed yesterday. But over time, Love transforms. It becomes something less recognizable. It mellows like a fine wine in a dusty cellar. It looks more like a pair of comfortable pants or well-worn sneakers that conform to your shape because it has been with you for so very long. It is calm. It knows you so well it can finish your sentences before you even start them. And it still sees beauty when you feel your worst.

Love is evolutionary. Like anything, it changes over time, only to be disguised by familiarity. And while it doesn’t look the same on the outside, it is exactly the kind of Love I want to feel the rest of my days.

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courtney Cordell - I adore this photo. It oozes love and admiration.

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