The simple act of stopping for a moment to catch a sunset can transform me from the prison I place myself in everyday. Between work, end-of-the-year school festivities and yardwork, I sometimes feel as bogged down as those poor marsh animals trapped by the oil in the gulf crisis (don’t get me started). But yesterday, on our way to grab an impromptu, first-night-of-summer gelato, I was transformed.  Slowly, as the sun poured her saturated palette of tangerines and magentas into the rich blue sky smeared with silvery white clouds, a stillness came over my soul. I watched as the fiddler crabs danced out of my way, a unique red-eyed marsh bird crossed my path and a crisp white sailboat sauntered down the river. And suddenly I knew why we detoured for a moment.

Freeing myself from the daily routines and rituals is as cumbersome somedays as putting a rocket into space or as complex as performing a heart transplant. But those are the very days the reward seems so much more gratifying.

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