The Present.

My friend, Rhonda, celebrating her 40th Birthday.

I have been lucky enough in the past few weeks to attend and/or photograph a few milestone celebrations. A 40th Birthday. A wedding. A baby shower. A family reunion. I just love an occasion to celebrate life’s big moments. And milestones like these certainly bring out special reasons to celebrate.

All this celebrating churned up the need for something big for me every day. Maybe it’s the adrenaline rush I get from any festivity with music and sparkles, balloons and candles, and dancing under moonlight and stars. But where is the ice cream cake on a random Tuesday evening? Or the sparkly shirt on a Monday night? What about the pretty make up and dance party in my kitchen on a Thursday afternoon? Why aren’t we celebrating our marriages every day? Why don’t we celebrate all of our 40s instead of just the day we were born? It just feels like we have made life so boring that it requires a passport and birth certificate to travel to the other side of joy.

Other cultures linger over coffee and conversations all morning. They nap their afternoons away with siestas only to feel revived around friends and family for the evening. Every day is lived and celebrated. Life isn’t centered around what kind of car you drive or how many square feet your house is. It is marked by the lingering, long evenings with limoncello and fireflies. Where everyday seems like a festive gathering of love.

Today is about living in the moment and enjoying it fully. celebrate to your full potential. Pull out the special silver and the china your mother never go to use. Put on your prettiest dress. Do your hair. Put on the lipstick. Celebrate. Because today is a gift – that’s why it is called the present.

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