Nature has a way of perservering, doesn’t it?

Despite conditions that most species would fade, wither and die in, this little sunflower beat all the odds in my garden this year. It didn’t mind the blazingly hot, beating sun. Nor did it fade under weeks of my lazy attempt at hand watering and drought-like conditions. It stuck through this extreme situation and gave what it was born to give – a fiery red face with bounty for the next generation.

I have very few survivors from my garden this year. The tomatoes were all diseased. The squash succumbed to vine borders. The green beans – try as though they might – couldn’t take the pressure and gave in after a small yield of enough beans to feed a picky 8 year old his 1 measly vegetable serving of the day.  I am not quite sure how or why this little cheery-faced sunflower actually did this for me. After being mistreated, ignored and downright abused, it showed me that it had the will to do what nature intended for it to. It had faith in itself. It had a mission. It had lived it’s life with the purpose it knew it was here for.

Every morning, I go out to this little sunflower in my pajamas with a cup of tea. And I whisper words of thanks and gratitude to it’s love and dedication. I tell it how much I appreciate it standing by me, despite my flawed ways and inherent failure to care for it. And I quietly stand and marvel at the beauty it hands me. Softly. Quietly. Without asking anything in return.

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