under the sea

Sometimes I think fish have it made. Floating mindlessly through cool, clear waters. Letting currents take them to comewhatmay land. They seem so blissfully unaware of the troubles up here on this oppressively hot land. They seem so unfettered by the cause and effects of global warming. Uncontrolled by wars and overspending. There seems to be no heartbreak…no hate. Only the will and need to survive and float. The fish are to be able to tune out the rules that say No or Yes or Maybe-if-you-are-lucky-and-I-like-you-enough. They dance and dart playfully behind coral as if to be only guided by whatever is present, whatever is now, whatever is right in front of them today…simply being satisfied that they made it through another happy, floaty day in this world under the sea of worries.

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