I have had a bad week. Colossally bad. Never mind it has been 95 degrees in Charleston with 90% humidity and my AC went out. Or that I couldn’t get any work done. Or that I fell down a flight of stairs. Or that I droppd my cell phone – my only method of communication this week – in the sea. I could keep going, but I won’t since nobody really reads. And those that do most likely already know all the gory details, I won’t digress anymore.

I will tell you that despite all the hardships I have had to face this week, I did get to steal some time with my boy. A rare early morning stroll along the beach while staying in our fancy pants oceanfront digs in a gated community just made me gain a little much-needed perspective. It occurred to me for a moment that you simply can’t feel bad/down/sad/angry while you are spending time with a free-spirited, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky 7 year old.

If you don’t have one of your own, I highly recommend borrowing one on your worst days.

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Jennifer - I read! But I did already know all that. ;) Hang in there…xoxo

photogirl - You have no idea how much I love this set of photos. I could look at them every day of my life and smile. Thanks for the love J! I think my bad luck streak is wearing off. Vacation will do that to me!

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