After what seemed like weeks of chaos in life, my days have settled into routines again. Alarms, feeding cats, homework, guitar lessons, after school karate and dinner at 6 (okay 7).

I really hate routines.

I like sleeping until the late morning hours of 7 AM. I like beach afternoons and birthday celebrations. I like summer cookouts that last until 12:33 AM. I like cartoons and legos. I like the park at 7:30 PM with happy dogs and takeout from anywhere.

But with reality comes routine. And balance. And restoration. And focus. And direction. And thick, black, marker lines through things I have to do. With reality comes realization that pulls me back into what I need to do rather than what I want to do. It beckons me back to having the balance I somewhere lose along my way through summer’s endless bliss.

So maybe this time I will embrace the change that calls to me and welcome with open arms the balance I have been craving.

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