Breathing your way into the present.

Being present for things takes a lot of hard work and discipline. In fact, I think it may be the hardest task I face some days.

I spend much of my time negotiating the next project, critiquing the mistakes I made yesterday and grappling with what I have to make for dinner that I forget to spend time enjoying the moment I am in. I forget to inhale while I am mincing the garlic or look at the sunrise on my commute to take my 9 year old to school. There is so much we fill our time with and so many tasks to be crossed off the list (wake up, shower, yoga, workwork, lunch, workworkwork, guitar lessons, homework, grocery shopping, dinner, bedtime) that we forget to enjoy the fact that we actually HAVE a choice between hot and cold water in the shower every day.

So today, I turned down the satellite radio and expressed to my 9 year-old how lucky we are to witness the glorious sunrise every morning. I reminded myself that despite wrestling with weight and body issues for the better part of my 41 years on the planet, my body pretty much bends and contorts it’s way through my morning vinyasas and sun salutations in ways that I am very grateful for. And then I paused for 5 minutes to sit outside and soak up the sun on this beautiful week day afternoon after teacher conferences, errands and wrestling with a printer before diving into the rest of my list of things to do for the day.

There is a lot to be said for seeing beauty in the moment you are in and finding yourself breathing into the present. Slowly. Calmly. With no agenda. And today, I welcome the present like a gift from the past.

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