Sometimes I lose focus of the details of my life. I think this is one of the things that draws me to photography. You really have to focus in on all the elements to get a true feel for the bigger picture – whether it is a wedding, a vacation or a stroll around your own backyard looking for summertime treasures. Of course, I still focus on the bigger scene – my boy building a sandcastle with nothing but his imagination and hands or watching the same 7 year-old body being lobbed mercilessly through the air by his 6’1″ cousin to see how much “air” he can get. I can focus on the evening sunset. Or even a group shot (“Say Cheese!”). But for me, it’s the details that set the scene in my heart. It’s almost as though these memories are brought into a clearer focus this way. When I took these pictures at Oak Island on our summer vacation last week, I am almost transported back. I remember how peaceful and happy I felt when I looked up at this broken, cheap umbrella and for a moment I can smell the ocean breeze and hear the clear water lapping up on the sandy shore and in that memory I can exhale again. I look at the watermelon and I am transported back to the kitchen where the sweet bouquet of juicy summer melons and sunscreen almost engulf me as much as the chitter chatter of the strict rules of Rummy or War.

For me, it’s the details of these moments that seem to mean the most – the instances that may have otherwise been lost in the web of my life in just a few short weeks. But as I look through each one, these happy thoughts come bubbling to the surface where I am transported from the long days of work and therapy and grocery shopping and playdates back into the warm embrace of my days away from reality.

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